Park and Ride…

Park & Ride (Parc-Relais in French). The Tram and park & ride system is really easy to use in Bordeaux, cheap at 4.50€ per car, with 3 lines A, B and C. There are Park & Rides on every line. The nearer the city the busier the park & ride car park.

If you don’t have a Tram Pass you must go on the LEFT side at the entrance where it says Non-abonnés (photo 1). You then go to the machine (photo 2) and press the small button and the metal bar will rise for you to enter.

DON’T forget to buy a park & ride ticket at the ticket machine at the tram stop if not one in the car park itself. Turn the knob or touch the screen, you can put it in english. Make sure you take a PARK & RIDE ticket at 4.50€ and how many people are travelling in the car. one ticket can be for 3 people par example as it’s 4.50€ per car and not per person.
person travelling alone 1 ticket 1 person total cost 4.50€
Family travelling 1 ticket 4 people total cost 4.50€

Don’t forget to valid your ticket on the tram. The park & Ride is a return trip ticket. you have 1 hour free tram or bus to go and 1 hour free bus and tram return. Make sure you valid the ticket each time you change trams or buses during the 1 hour.

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