“Chez Boulan” Where I prefer to eat oysters at Lege Cap Ferret…

Less than an hour from Bordeaux at the point of the famous “Bassin D’arcachon” and the Atlantic Ocean. The award winning oyster farmer “Chez Boulan” is where I always go to eat oysters, whilst taking in the sea air and beautiful view of the Dune de Pilat. In France the oyster huts can serve only oysters, paté, shrimps etc and wine by law, that is why you can’t find anything else on the menu board.

There is a lovely terrace with breathtaking views of the bay and Europe’s largest sand dune the “Dune de Pilat”. You can also eat on the wooden pontoon but it can be windy. If the weather isn’t at its best you can eat inside too.

They sell their produce on site but also on their Chartrons (Bordeaux) market stall.

Service: Excellent! The waiters are extremely helpful and very polite. You can feel that customer service is important to them.

Price: Surprisingly it isn’t the most expensive, same prices as elsewhere.

Open Hours: All year round (quite rare in this area)

  • From Tuesday to Sunday 10.00am – 7.30pm

Contact info:

  • +33 (0)5 56 60 77 32
  • www.chezboulanferret.fr
  • Address: 2 rue des palmiers 33970 Cap-Ferret
    GPS : 44,64317769 -1,24630317



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