The Quatrième Mur…

This is a chic brasserie situated on the left side of one of Bordeaux’s most beautiful buildings which is the Grand Theatre. It is run by one of France’s most famous chefs called Philippe Etchebest. He is well known for being the ancient chef of the famous restaurant in Saint Emilion called L’Hostellerie de Plaisance and for hosting the french version of Hells Kitchen. It’s quite funny as just opposite this restaurant you’ll find Gordon Ramsay’s.

The restaurant itself is beautiful and when the weather’s good you can eat on the terrace. The evening menu is at 50€ (without cheese) and there are two sittings either at 7.30pm or 9.45pm.

My experience:

I had booked before which I would advise. When I arrived I was nicely welcomed and was asked to sit at the bar to wait until my table was ready.

The food was excellent, however I expected a larger choice for single glasses of wine especially since this is Bordeaux. The wine list comes on an electronic pad which gives you advice on which wines will accord with your meal.

The only down side on the restaurant was the service, our waiter who was in charge of the terrace didn’t smile once during the whole meal. I got the impression that this depends on which waiter you have as some of the young waiters were extremely helpful. Or perhaps my waiter was just having a bad day.

Anyway, the food and situation of the restaurant justifies the price.


No appetizer

Starter: Mushroom ravioli with duck liver and mushroom broth

Main: Grilled cod, risotto, cauliflower of the season and lemon emulsion

Dessert: Chocolate ganache, chocolate biscuit, lemon jelly, light vanilla cream.

Note: 7/10 (because of the service)

For more info and reservation:


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