Chateau Cadet-Pontet in Saint Emilion

Chateau Cadet Pontet is a family sized winery which sits on the outskirts of the medieval village Saint-Emilion near Bordeaux. It’s accessible by foot from the village centre, I’d say about a 10 minute walk.

You can visit this winery by yourself if you call to reserve a visit beforehand. Or you can visit it through the tourist office that do different tours which often include this winery.

The visit is very informative and Arnaud the guide has very good English considering he learnt the language only by watching films. He is helpful throughout and can answer questions regardless of whether you’re wine newbies or fanatics.

Don’t expect lots of bling-bling or new technologies, this is a family sized, traditional winery and vineyards, which wants to share with you their way of producing. Like most wineries there is a tasting at the end of different wines produced on the estate and possibility to buy direct.

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