Saint – Emilion

The vineyards of Saint-Emilion have existed since the roman era, this history of knowledge and tradition makes it a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1999. Whether you’re on foot, by car, week-end break or holiday here’s a few tips to visit Saint-Emilion.

By Foot Vineyards

Not everyone has a car to see Saint-Emilion. Here is a list of Chateaux and tips to see everything by foot.

Grands Crus Classified

Here you can find the Grands Crus classified Chateaux I’ve visited in Saint-Emilion.

Take a Drive

Is you have a car, this is a list of places you can go to, and tips to not miss an important photo during your drive.

What grapes?

Not every region specializes in the same grapes, take a look.

Not Just Red Wine

Every one always thinks about Red wine but the Saint-Emilion area also makes, white, rosé and even sparkling. It just can’t be called Saint-Emilion.

Practical Information

If you’re coming to Saint emilion here is everything you need to know, parking, tourist information, handy websites.

“In Vino Veritas”

In Wine There Is Truth